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7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Does your teen need motivation to live up to their full potential? Or does your teen display leadership abilities and need help polishing up their skills? Register today for this inspirational class! This course teaches youth to take responsibility for their actions, prioritize, communicate and listen effectively, have a positive attitude, work well with others, and more!  Ages 12+

Saturday, March 11, 2017   9am-12pm

Algebra Review Class

Solving algebraic expressions, linear equations, binomials, polynomials, quadratic equations, factoring, logarithms, matrices, etc. 

Geometry Review Class

Perimeter, area, volume of geometric figures; Classifying lines, angles, and geometric figures; Properties of triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, etc; Properties of lines, segments, rays, etc; 

High School Math - ACT Math Prep

Course reviews Pre-alebra, Alegebra I & II, Geometry, and Trigonometry
Review course is designed to help with end of course testing, ACT math prep, and improve overall performance 
Students may attend remotely with a reliable internet connection. Contact us to learn more. 

ACT Practice Test 

Know exactly where you stand with the ACT. Take a practice ACT test, receive an approximate ACT math score with a detail evaluation of the areas that need improvement. 

This test is given by appointment.