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Instructors are very instrumental to the success of our programs and directly affect quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Outlined below are the policies that all Instructors must follow to ensure a successful summer camp experience for our students.


Employee Policies & Procedures


Instructors must represent Young Scholars in a professional manner at all times, which includes treating students, parents, and staff with respect. Instructors are considered leaders in the classroom and must also consider the message you are giving students through behavior, dress attire, and interactions. Instructors must provide a supportive environment that is conducive for learning. Knowing that some exercises will be difficult for students, Instructors must be encouraging and patient at all times. 

In addition:

  • Greet all students and parents each day
  • Introduce yourself to the entire class on the first day
  • Know every student’s name so that they feel welcome


Remember that everyone should wear his/her SMU Summer Youth staff tee shirt every Monday. For the rest of the week, Instructors may wear the SMU tee shirt or attire that is appropriate for an educational setting. This may include pants, jeans, or khakis with a collar shirt or blouse and comfortable shoes. Instructors are prohibited from wear tight fitting, derogatory, political, or revealing attire including halter tops, skirts or shorts above the knee, flip flops or other open toe shoes.

All instructional staff should wear name badges while on the SMU‐in‐Plano campus to help students, staff, and visitors readily identify you.


All lessons will be delivered using Power Point presentations that are accessed through the Young Scholars website.  Instructor login and password credentials are needed to access lessons. All lessons are copy written by Young Scholars and may be not reproduced or used without written consent. 

Knowing that children may lose focus during lessons, it is important to remain upbeat, energetic, and engaging by constant interactions by asking questions and having open discussions. Instructors must also be adaptable and flexible in order to keep a fun and enriching environment. Within the presentations, there are several slides that only have a question. When you come to these slides, pause and allow students to answer the question presented.  

Lessons have been developed based on audience age, class size, and time allotted. Be sure to pace yourself and do not rush through the presentations. 


There are scheduled breaks built into the lessons.  During this time, take the class as a group to the restrooms and/or allow them to sit quietly to have snacks. Do not leave any students unattended in the classroom.  If students need to use the restroom between breaks, they may go with a partner. Do not allow students to go to the restroom alone. 


Instructors will have a 30 minute break from 12:00pm - 12:30pm each day.  During this time, you may stay in the classroom or leave, but you must return by 12:30pm to accept students for the afternoon session. It is recommended that Instructors bring a sack lunch, snacks, and drinks to avoid the need to leave campus.


All supplies will be provided to Instructors for student use. If Instructors need to purchase additional supplies, this must be approved prior to purchase. Instructors will be reimbursed for supplies if additional items are needed. When applicable, Supplies will be returned to Young Scholars upon course completion using prepaid postage.


All students must enroll before attending a course. Siblings and parents are not permitted to stay during class.

Rosters should remain in your assigned classroom each day and should be turned into the SMU Summer Youth office at the completion of every workshop (usually on Friday).


Each child is assigned a unique computer‐generated security code (9‐digit Student ID number). This code is listed on the classroom roster. For every workshop, every day – anyone picking up a student is required to give the child’s Student ID Number. If the number cannot be produced, individuals should be referred to the SYP office for authorization. Children should remain in the classroom until the individual returns with the appropriate code.


Any students who are not picked up within 5 ‐ 10 minutes of the conclusion of class should be escorted to the Extended Day/Supervised Lunch classroom (Building 4, Room 114) for late pick‐up. Please bring a list of students and their Student ID Numbers for the Extended Day/Supervised Lunch staff.


All students receive standard SMU Summer Youth name badges for each workshop. Name badges should remain in your assigned classroom each day and can go home with students at the end of each weekly workshop. Students should wear name badges at all times while on campus.


Each child receives one (1) free tee shirt each summer, handed out during the week of his/her first workshop of the year. T‐shirts normally are distributed on Tuesdays.


SMU Summer Youth requires an Authorization & Liability Release form by the first day of a child’s workshop. This confidential form will provide the camp nurse and staff with information related to a student ’s health to provide safe, informed care for the child should the need arise.

Students are prohibited from attending class if they have a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or other contagious diseases or infections. There is a Nurse on duty for medical needs that may arise. Students may not go to the Nurse unsupervised.

For all other medical emergencies that require immediate attention, please call 911.


If a student is being disruptive in class, they will be disciplined according to the following. Acts of disruption include being disrespectful to teachers or students, fighting, hitting, damaging equipment or supplies, etc.

  • 1st incident: verbal warning: take the child to the side and have a discussion about the importance of following rules. Do not reprimand the student in front of the class.
  • 2nd incident: parent notification: if the child continues to be non-cooperative after the verbal warning, have a discussion with the child’s parents about their unwillingness to follow rules and how this is a distraction and disruption during class time.
  • 3rd incident: call Young Scholars Director, Christina Washington: depending on the offense, the child may be terminated from the program. Acts of violence is an automatic dismissal from the program.

Young Scholars Business Practices

Non-compete agreement: During the Work assignment, students are prohibited from working for competitors, companies that perform similar services, or performing freelance/contract work that is directly related to products, services, or programs offered by Young Scholars unless previously approved in writing. Employees are further prohibited from selling goods and services provided by Young Scholars for personal gain.   

Intellectual Property: All work performed by the Employee is considered intellectual property of Young Scholars. This includes but is not limited to lesson plans, books, images, animations, software applications, policies/procedures, etc.

Confidentiality - Employees may be privileged to private or confidential business during the course of the Work assignment. Employees are prohibited from discussing or distributing information electronically or in hard copy format any confidential information including but not limited to business practices, unique ideas, trademarks, patented or patentable products, services, images, lesson plans, software applications, etc. 

Business Communication - Employees are prohibited from conducting business on behalf of Young Scholars unless otherwise assigned as a project. All outgoing correspondence, emails, and phone calls related to Young Scholars must be approved prior to transmission. 

Student Safety – Employees are expected to maintain a safe and supportive learning environment for students. Lessons or activities that are harmful to students are prohibited including the use of harmful chemicals, dangerous equipment, etc. All employees are prohibited from using alcohol or medication that would hinder judgement and/or your ability to effectively lead class.   Illegal drug use is strictly prohibited. All employees are subject to random drug testing.

At-Will Termination: Employees or Young Scholars may terminate the Work assignment for any reason, at any time.

Employee Confirmation

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