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Ms Pearl Makes a Discovery

Ms Pearl Makes a Discovery 

Explore chemical reactions and states of matter in "Ms Pearl Makes a Discovery" 

"Delightfully informative book with cute and cheery look, with optimistic  feel" 

-Oak Tree Book Reviews

Ms Pearl Makes a Discovery Bundle

Ms. Pearl Makes a Discovery - Book & Activity Kit

Includes the book and all supplies needed to recreate the kid friendly experiments performed in the book
ms pearls garden surprise book

Ms. Pearl's Garden Surprise

Spring into a good book with Ms. Pearl’s Garden Surprise! Explore plants, life science, and the environment as Ms. Pearl prepares her garden for a special occasion.

Ms Pearl Garden Surprise Bundle

Ms Pearl's Garden Surprise & Activity Kit

Includes book and Jr. Bird Watcher's Kit - binoculars, build-your-own bird house, and wooden bird whistle

Receive monthly STEM projects delivered to your door

Tinker Crate

Would your child like to receive STEM projects delivered to your door monthly? Subscribe to Tinker Crate and receive an innovative project monthly that will keep your child engaged in educational play. Kids will have fun performing experiments, building models, and exploring the wonderful world of STEM!  Subscriptions start as low as $16.95 per month. For more information, or to subscribe to this fascinating program, click on the link below. 
Online Learning Center

Online Learning Center

Does your child need help with high school math subjects such as pre-algebra, algebra I & II, geometry, or trigonometry? Is your child preparing for the ACT? We can help! Our online learning center provides an opportunity for students to review these subjects from any smart phone, tablet, or computer 24 hours per day. For more information, or to enroll, click on the link below.